The Fitzpatrick Family

Killarney memories for me go back to the early 1960’s when Aunt Mary and Uncle John would take my Mother to Ireland with them for weeks on end.  Daddy had died in 1961 and Mom was a young 58 years old.  Her sister, Mary was always there for our Mother.  Her room was “The FitzPatrick Suite!”  She loved it and all the attention.  Mom was definitely in her element, which, were Aunt Mary and Uncle John’s element too.  They included her when they traveled to Arizona and Florida as well.  But, Ireland was her very favorite

Years later, and after the many trips Mom experienced at Killarney house, I visited only twice.  Did all the touristy things with Stephanie, which are very fresh in our “Memory Banks!”  Then the best experience of all was when my Stephanie, during what would have been her 2nd year at Barry University, spent about a year and a half with her cousin Trish FitzPatrick Donlon in Italy.  Trish and John had just had their little girl, Erin, and Stephanie was there to help Trish and learn some Italian while she was there! It was that December 1990 that the Donlon’s and Stephanie celebrated Christmas at Killarney House!  What an incredible experience this was for everyone and of course afforded them the chance to get to know Aunt Mary on a very different level.

My little family, that includes Stephanie, have so much to be grateful for, and it goes way beyond Killarney House.  From 7th Grade their legacy to Stephanie was her education.  That coupled with her two, hands on experiences, at Killarney House, will be with each of us always.

God Bless Aunt Mary and Uncle John and Happy Birthday, Polly.

Pauline FitzPatrick

FitzPatrick at night

                                   FitzPatrick room at night


Christmas in Killarnery

                                                    Christmas in Killarney

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